First World Problems

First World Problems

man holding head stressedI’ve been pondering the term “first world problems” a lot lately, mostly because so many people banter about it on Facebook and Twitter.  When they do, they are usually trying to make some point about how your problems aren’t really very serious compared to those who are starving and suffering all over the world.  When they post these little quips, it has the effect of making you feel like you are a selfish jerk for daring to complain about whatever isn’t going so well in your life.  So I am going to go on record today and say that this treatment is neither sensible, fair nor just.  Read more about First World Problems

Arminian or Calvin?  Should it really matter?

Arminian or Calvin? Should it really matter?

The debate has raged for centuries.  People have been persecuted, otracized, and even killed for taking one side or the other.  To start, here is a brief overview of the two theological points of view.  This is an excerpt from an article by Mary Fairchild for  She outlines it well.

Calvinism & Arminianism Compared Read more about Arminian or Calvin? Should it really matter?