SIMPLY WORSHIP – 7pm, Friday March 2, 2018

Purple worshipThe First Friday of the March, Refuge, along with musicians and worshippers from the Christian community, will host a unique evening of prayer and worship.  What makes this event different is that the worship team is open to any skilled musicians or singers who would like to participate.

When you come, you’ll be treated to a casual, but very intimate time of worship.  This isn’t just for musicians…actually we musicians are doing this FOR YOU so you can enjoy a time of worship and prayer along with connection with other like-hearted followers of Jesus.   If you are dry and in need of refreshing, or just love to worship, please join us.  Bring the whole family and an expectation that God will move.

Note for Musicians:
Charts are provided by the organizers of the evening.  If you would like to help organize a future evening and have songs to contribute, let us know when you come.  Remember this is a worship night, so we don’t want to distract people from worship and prayer.  Therefore some skill is required.  You need to be able to read charts, sing in tune, etc in order to lead.  This is not an open mic, but a collaborative worship experience where the strongest desire is to see the presence of God move in powerful ways.



Toy Shoppe Logo





Check out the interview at Fox 2.

From 2010 to 2016 The Shepherd’s Toy Shoppe played a major role in Macomb and Wayne Counties giving gifts to underprivileged children.

Toyshoppe2010 – 143 children received toys
2011 – 262 children received toys
2012 – 207 children received toys
2013 – 305 children received toys
2014 – 492 children received toys!!!
2015 – 720 children received toys!!!!
2016 – Approx 700 children received toys!!!!!

In 2017 the decision was made to stop doing the Toy Shoppe for some wonderful reasons.  Throughout our years of doing the giveaways, many other organizations began to see our model and emulate it.  Thanks to these wonderful organizations, we saw the need for the Toy Shoppe diminish over time.  Although we were serving hundreds of children each year, we began to see that many more organizations around us were doing the exact same thing and the needs were being met.  We even had excess toys in 2016 and chose to partner with other ministries to disburse them.  How cool is that?

We feel honored that the Lord chose us to begin this ministry and see others catch the vision.  So the decision was made to start some new initiatives and let the Toy Shoppe ministry be carried on by other organizations.  We still contribute toys and serve as a collection point.  When we receive toys, we distribute them to the other organizations.  We are grateful for these new partnerships.  So what’s next?  Stay tuned.  Thanks to all who supported the Toy Shoppe over the years.  It’s been a high point of our ministry.



Housing th2015-02-01_1422828706e Homeless
We don’t publish the dates the homeless are here, but many weeks per year, we host the homeless for 1 week at a time.  During that week we provide shelter, food, and emotional/spiritual care usually for 30+ women and children. Volunteers are always needed to assist during our host week.




THE G.A.N.G. – God’s Awesome Next Generation – Wednesdays 7pm
Every Wednesday at 7pm a dynamic and fun youth group meets at the church. All middle school age kids and high school age kids are welcome.