Why we gave you Christmas Cookies?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you received a package of Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve and are wondering why. Why would this church called Refuge Church show up at your work on Christmas Eve just to give you some cookies?

Hi, we’re Refuge Christian Church.  We think it stinks that you had to work on Christmas Eve.  As much as we appreciate being able to count on you if there’s an urgent need Christmas Eve, we know that you’d much rather have been home with your loved ones, enjoying the holiday in peace.  Yet you sacrificed yourself on perhaps the holiest of all nights to work at a store or man the fire and police stations.  Your sacrifice did not go unnoticed.  We noticed. And we care.  So we thought it might be a nice idea to let you know that you were noticed and appreciated.  We want you to know that we empathize with you being stuck at work on Christmas Eve.

God notices you too.  He gets that for you, Christmas might not have been all you had hoped for this year.  He notices that for many of you, life in general may not be all you hoped for…at least not yet.  You see, even though you may have been bummed while you worked Christmas Eve, you were not alone.  There was and is a God who loves you…with you the entire time.  He wants you to be encouraged which is why He sent us to show you this small act of kindness.  And that same God wants you to know peace and joy every other day of the year too.  Maybe you don’t think it’s possible, but think back to the moment you received the cookies:  That brief moment of joy you felt was a small window into the joy you can know every moment of your life if you’re willing to let God in.  Those who delivered the cookies to you are living testimonials of this fact…which is why they noticed you.

We hope you were touched by this small act.  You are noticed.  You are loved.  Merry Christmas from Refuge.  Come see us some Sunday at 10am.  We’d love to get to know you and “notice” you again.