Haaaaave you met Chris?

WashburnEvery so often I like to use the Refuge Blog to tell you a little about the people that keep Refuge doing what we do.  So let me introduce to you to Chris Washburn.  Some say Chris needs no introductions because once you meet him, you will never forget him.  Could it be his tats?  Or maybe his gauged ear lobes or nose ring?  Some people believe those are the things that makes Chris “cool”, but I’m here to tell you there’s a lot more to Chris, a whole lot more.  What makes Chris a “cool guy” aren’t the externals but what makes up the man…on the inside.  Chris is one of the most thoughtful, well-read, educated, sincere, and compassionate men-of God I have ever known.  Chris wastes no time hating, judging, or begrudging.  Chris is virtually unflappable.  Maybe looking the way Chris chooses to look (with his extra long goatee) has taught him what it means to have others look at you with judgment.  Whatever the reasons, Chris can be best described as “love all wrapped up in skin”.  Simply put, Chris just loves people and he loves life.

One of the things I really admire about Chris is his intellect.  Don’t bother playing a trivia game with him because he has nearly instant recall.  Playing games with Chris will make you feel like you have early onset Alzheimer’s.  Chris is also an amazing musician.  He plays drums in our worship team and is one of the finest drummers I’ve ever jammed with.  His zest for life can be seen all over his face when he’s playing music.  But drums aren’t his only musical talent, he’s also a singer…er…that’s singing right?  I’m gonna give Chris the benefit of the doubt on this one.  He sings for a grind-core band on the weekends just for fun, and as a man-of-God he makes sure his lyrics are always reflective of his values which in itself is pretty cool in my opinion.

Chris sets an excellent example to our senior staff because he is always willing to be open and transparent about whatever he’s dealing with.  He doesn’t waste time trying to always come off as a perfect human being.  Just knowing Chris and observing this sort of attitude has challenged me to become more like him in that way.  Chris is a high integrity guy which has paved the way to him becoming our Middle School Pastor.  Starting in July 2014, Chris assumes(d) the responsibility for pastoring Refuge’s middle school age kids.  Chris also serves as a board member/elder at Refuge.  He plays an integral role in all major decisions and the future of Refuge.  Most importantly to me, he is my friend.  Through much transition in my own personal life, when many others moved on, Chris has remained a trusted and loyal friend, never judging, only caring.  That’s the kind of man Chris is.  It can’t be said about everybody but it can be said about Chris…Chris is truly a good man.  His godly character is worthy of emulation.  Like others in my staff, I can easily see myself growing old in ministry with Chris.